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Cley Distillery is located at the rural Overschiese Kleiweg in Rotterdam, Netherlands, surrounded by trees and greenery, near the De Speelman grain mill. This is the micro-distillery of Paul den Dulk and Maria Neves where they produce whisky and gin under the Cley label. They started the Cley Distillery in 2015.


Paul and Maria became fascinated by the idea of a distillery of their own, when they came to learn about the age-old Dutch distilling tradition through a recipe from 1795. Paul, with his background as an innovator in food technology and flavors, followed a distillery training in Hasselt, Belgium. He learned the true craft of distilling in the Jenever Museum in Schiedam.

He and Maria wanted to make whisky and gin according to that old tradition, with the distillation technique that goes with it. And based on their ideas about creating taste. And now they make their own whisky and gin, a dream came true!


The spirit or malt wine according to the old recipe results after triple distillation in an original Schiedam alambic or still. For the spirit, Paul and Maria opt for double maturation, the second maturation in small, active casks. And that results in a whisky with its own unique character: Cley Whisky.


With their gin Paul and Maria go back to old Dutch techniques and recipes too. They let juniper, Jamaica pepper, orange and coriander to soak in the traditionally distilled malt wine. This results in the old-fashioned tasteful Cley Dutch Dry Gin


In the meantime Maria has also been trained in the art of distillation. She also takes care of the styling of the Cley products and gives nosings & tastings.

Paul and Maria go with their distillery for the highest quality. That is their challenge, fascinated as they are by the Magic of Creating Taste.


Paul den Dulk & Maria de Sena Neves

Overschiese Kleiweg 745 / 3045 LM Rotterdam / Nederland

Telefoonnummer Paul: 06 28 44 15 58 / Telefoonnummer Maria: 06 51 36 47 17


Bedankt voor de inzending!

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