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Cley Distillery from Rotterdam makes whisky and gin based on the Dutch distilling tradition developed in the 17th century. Cley only uses organic raw materials from the region. And then there is distiller Paul den Dulk who, with his extensive experience in the world of flavors and food innovation, knows how to give the products their own character. All this together ensures that you can taste it in every bottle of Cley Whisky and Cley Gin: The Magic of Creating Taste!


Cley Whisky and Cley Gin are traditionally distilled and produced with natural, locally sourced ingredients. The distillation is done in three runs (triple distillation), in a copper alembic.

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Single Malt and Malt & Rye Whisky's

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Dry Gin and Dry Gin Barrel Aged

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A special festival edition with notes of peat, smoke and orange peel. More than 4 years old and finished in an Islay cask. 

Special Edition Whisky Festival Delft

Paul and Maria aim for the highest quality. This is their challenge, fascinated as they are by the Magic of Creating Taste.


Cley Distillery is located at the rural Overschiese Kleiweg in Rotterdam, Netherlands, surrounded by trees and greenery, near the De Speelman grain mill. This is the micro-distillery of Paul den Dulk and Maria Neves where they produce whisky and gin under the Cley label. Cley refers to the old street name 'Cley wech' or Clay Road (mention from 1611). Paul and Maria started the Cley Distillery in 2015. 

We love to show you our micro-distillery. Call or mail us for an appointment.

Do you want to know where to buy our whisky and gin? Check the points of sale.

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